When women are financially self-sufficient, the whole community benefits

A Brief History Of COWOI

The Fort Collins Coloradoan called us “Colorado’s CEO club for women.” Since 2008, COWOI created a powerful, well-connected organization for women who were at a very high level in their careers.

Are you Eligible?

A candidate for Membership must be nominated by an active member in good standing. In addition, eligibility is determined by meeting one or more criteria for membership:

COWOI Events

•Mastermind Events
•Girlfriends and Wine
•Lunch with Leaders

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Member Benefits

  • Access
  • Connections
  • Relationships
  • Girlfriends
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Ann Clarke
Ann ClarkeCEO and Founder


Ann Clarke’s life-long vision has been to help women become successful in business: when women are financially successful, they have better choices! Throughout her 30+ year career as an award-winning photographer, writer, marketing consultant, professional speaker and event planner, Ann has brought together resources to help her clients become outrageously successful.

Calendar of Events

From Masterminds to Girlfriends and Wine, we know how to put on a great event! Clickto see what we are up to this month!